Our Mission

The BSD Imaging Research Institute (IRI) is an intellectual home for imaging scientists and for biomedical investigators who utilize imaging approaches in their research. The infrastructure of the IRI serves to integrate and coordinate imaging-based research in order to incubate innovative research in imaging science and support groundbreaking biological research. Our mission:

  • To develop innovative and leading-edge biomedical imaging science and technology
  • To accelerate advances in the biomedical sciences through the use of novel imaging science and technology
  • To foster synergy and collaboration among imaging scientists and biomedical researchers
  • To create new knowledge at the interface of imaging and biomedical disciplines – including bench to bedside, and bedside to bench
  • To provide a full spectrum of research resources from animal and human imaging facilities to quantitative imaging analysis tools
  • To support the training of future generations of imaging scientists and biomedical scientists in a unique environment of interdisciplinary education in both imaging and biomedical research

Latest News and Announcements

HIRO Assists with CT Scans of the Newly Discovered Spinosaurus

Paleontologists Nizar Ibrahim and Professor Paul Sereno published a groundbreaking article in the journal Science in September detailing a new skeleton of Spinosaurus, the largest known predatory dinosaur.  To assist with their examination of the skeleton, they enlisted the help of radiologist Christopher Straus, M.D. and the Human Imaging Research Office to perform extremely detailed high-resolution CT scans of their fossilized specimens.

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IRI Featured in Article in Fall 2013 Issue of Medicine on the Midway

The Fall 2013 issue of The University of Chicago's Medicine on the Midway features an article on "big data" and its growing role in biomedical research.  The Imaging Research Institute (IRI), the Human Imaging Research Office (HIRO), and the Integrated Small Animal Imaging Research Resource (iSAIRR) are noted as some of the University's key resources for advancing translational research.

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Chin-Tu Chen Awarded Funding by the University of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer Center

Chin-Tu Chen, Ph.D. has been awarded funding for his project Production and Utilization of Alpha-Emitters for Image-Guided Radionuclide Therapy of Cancer.  This project is being supported by the University of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer Center and Argonne National Laboratory.

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